Bicycle Insurance Options
Why Bicycle Insurance?

Why purchase an insurance policy for a road or mountain bike?

No one expects to have an accident or to have their bicycle stolen but we buy insurance for the unexpected which is the very definition of an accident  “an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.”

Accidents happen, each of us knows that. All it takes is a momentary lapse of concentration and you don’t see the car door open in your path or the rider in front of you brake to suddenly and crash, and in an instance you and your bike are hitting hard objects that don’t treat bikes or bodies very nicely.

Even when you have complete concentration a loose corner or opposing boulder can send you and your bike crashing into the trees or rock garden and bicycle frames do not react well to colliding with solid pieces of nature. Forks snap, frames bend or crack, wheels get tacoed, and most of these damages are unrepairable leaving you with a hefty bike shop repair or replacement bill.

As you pull into your garage and the sound of crunching carbon reminds you that you can’t drive into the garage with your bike on the roof rack. It’s at this time that you are glad you purchased a stand alone insurance policy for your bike because it’s for unfortunate situations like this that you have insurance. As we said before, accidents happen.

If bike shop bills don’t bother you then insuring your bike might not be for you but if you prefer a small insurance premium to large repair bills then you should seriously consider purchasing a bicycle insurance policy so that when accidents do happen you are saved from the big out of pocket repair expense.

Insurance is not for everyone but if you are considering purchasing a policy you should choose your insurance agent well. Someone you are comfortable talking with and an agency that issues a policy underwritten by an A rated USA insurance company that has an excellent reputation for fast claims service, because you never know how good an insurance company is until you have a claim.

Service will be remembered long after cost is forgotten. It is important to have unlimited access to customer service to answer policy questions or make policy changes and a customer service that answers the phone rather than chasing through a long string of numbers before you get to speak to a human.

Should you insure your bike? Get bicycle liability insurance policy if it makes sense to you.